A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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It's Healthy for you!!!!!

​​Get your heart pumping!

Get your muscles moving!

Make friends and have fun!




It's fun and a great aerobic workout.


The wonderful health benefits of

Irish Dance.........


Overall fitness

Increased stamina

Good balance

Good posture



Core strength

Muscle strength

Improved listening skills

Improved memory

Self confidence

Lung exercise

Stress reduction

Well being

Mind stimulation

Tension relief

Heart Health



Peggy Cannon began Irish Step Dance lessons in 1970.  She won both the Mid-America and North America Championships in 1980-1982.  Cannon Irish Dance has offered traditional Irish Step Dance instruction from 1982 through present.  Peggy takes pride in allowing all dancers to choose their level of involvement.  She caters to the individual interests of each dancer.  While many choose to compete, there are just as many who have grown to love Irish Dance through lessons and/or performance without ever competing.  Shaping the talents and values of children and young adults and teaching the importance of self achievement provide Peggy with the rewards she seeks as an Irish Dance Instructor.

About the Class...

​The class teaches proper technique for Traditional Irish Dances.  In addition, dancers will learn coordination, poise, movement and rhythm with emphasis on the basic style and characteristics which make Irish Dance a unique art form.


Ages 3 through Adult


No experience necessary!